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Deep Tissue

Before a session begins, the client will typically be led to the treatment room and asked to remove their clothes and lie down under a sheet or blanket on the massage table. In most cases, and based on comfort level, it is up to the client to determine whether to leave undergarments on. Clients will generally be covered with a sheet for the majority of the session. Those who have privacy concerns may wish to discuss these with the massage therapist before the session begins.A session of deep tissue massage typically starts with relaxation methods borrowed from Swedish or traditional massage. The massage therapist might focus the first several minutes on warming and be loosening the muscles at the surface of the area being worked on, as making these muscles more pliable will make it easier for the therapist to reach the deeper muscles and tendons later on. A single session can focus on a particular region of the body or encompass the entire body. The massage therapist and client usually have a conversation prior to the session to determine the client’s specific treatment goals.


Swedish massage is focused primarily on the body and, therefore, is a more physical approach to relieving stress, aches, pains, and tension. One benefit of Swedish massage is its ability to relax the mind-brain connection—the mind being the energy and thoughts, and the brain being the physical matter. This is thought to contribute to a more balanced, stimulated, and integrated system. A healthy mind-brain connection may also help facilitate better physical health.​


Shiatsu, considered to be a gentle and soothing form of massage, attempts to address concerns that affect the entire mind-body-spirit system. It is believed one pe​rson’s energy can be sent to another for healing and energizing purposes through thought projection and touch. Gentle pressure on the body’s meridians helps stimulate and increase blood flow fo healing and relaxation.

Acupressure pulses are sometimes taken before the massage to help evaluate the areas of the body that are over- or understimulated. After the practitioner analyzes whether pulses are too weak or too strong, the session can begin. This method is typically used if the practitioner is following a more traditional Chinese medicine approach.

Oils and balms are not usually used because the client is typically clothed during shiatsu massage. Sometimes Swedish massage techniques are incorporated into the session, in which case oils or balms may be necessary. Loose clothing is usually suggested for shiatsu; however, a practitioner may suggest shorts and a tank top to facilitate better direct contact with the skin and the body’s meridians. Some practitioners believe this will achieve an overall better energy flow for the client.​

Hot Stone

Massage therapists put warmed stones on their clients’ bodies to relax muscles and soft tissues before (or after) a massage. You can enjoy the relaxing feel of the warm stones and may experience a variety of physical and emotional benefits. If your muscles are especially tight and painful, this extra treatment can make a positive difference in your massage therapy results.

What We Do
We want to make sure you get the right treatment.  Towels are included in all sessions under law requirement please respect the masseuse.
Prices & Fees Information
Our prices are $200 for 60min but it can be more upon request. Please inform your provider. We accept cash, credit card payment photo id required.

Swedish                              $200

Shiatsu                              $200

Hot Stone                           $200

What our customers are saying
The spa is one of the cleanest spas in the area and the massage are excellent the staff are all very professional.
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